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Responding to a Crisis

Crisis, emerg ency, disaster, catastrophe, tragedy, trauma -- all are words heard too frequently at schools today. Almost every school has had a major crisis; every school is likely to have one. Besides natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires, students experience violence and death related to the suicide of friends, gang activity, snipers, hostage-taking, and rape. Some students react with severe emotional responses -- fear, grief, post traumatic stress syndrome. Moreover, such experiences and other events that threaten their sense of worth and well-being can produce the type of intense personal turmoil that leads students to think about hurting themselves or others.

The following links provide a variety of quick aids, resources and materials for use in crisis prevention and response.

  • From the National Center on Homeless Education:
  • From the University of Illinois Extension Disaster Resources:
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  • From the National Child Traumatic Stress Network
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